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How to ensure that the fruit and vegetable products are not damaged in transportation

The previous carton packaging is not suitable for long-distance transportation of fruits and vegetables, often in transportation can not be very good protection of fruits and vegetables.n transportation, we can use hollow board made fruit and vegetable packing boxes to protect the fruit.Advantages of hollow plate packing case: earthquake - resistant and collapsible, waterproof and recycling

Whats the HS code of pp plastic corrugated sheet / corflute board

pp corflute/corrugated products HS code details Products name packing  MOQ HS CODE PP Corflute sheet pe film with pallet 500 pieces 3916909000 pp foldable box pallet 100 pieces 3923100090 pp printed sign carton box 1000 pieces 3926909090

Whats the usual printing way of pp corflute sheet

We have 3 different printing waysilk screen printing sheetUV printing corrugated sheetink printing sheet

How to improve the weight bearing ability of pp corflute sheet

To improve the load-bearing capacity of plastic hollow plateWe constantly optimize the material ratio of productsThe materials that enhance toughness are increased in proportionIn addition, we don't add any filler

Flexible and strong ultra-thin grey hollow plate for local large refrigerator manufacturing enterpri

For use in refrigerators and freezers, try a sturdy, affordable linerOur ultra-thin hollow plate is very suitable for this scenario.According to customer requirements, we can produce different thickness and weight of internal and external backing. Meet the customized needs of different customers.Welcome customers and friends to buy.

what is the pp corflute sheet. whats the function of it?

In our life, there are a lot of things are indispensable, and hollow plate is one of them, so some friends will think that this kind of things can not eat and can not wear, and our life is too far away. In fact hollow plank pledges surface looks to do not have too big concern with us, observe carefully actually, in our life everywhere cannot leave this plank.One, above all, hollow board serves as a kind of environmental protection avirulent material can be used to decorate in the building interior above, this is the decorate effect that many people place pursues, because the weight of its itself is very light, also be the first selection of material of people condole top so.Second, hollow plate can also be made into a variety of volume of logistics turnover box, its own price is very low, so it is the first choice for many logistics companies to choose the box material, and this plate also has anti-static and anti-pressure seismic characteristics, as logistics box is very appropriate.Three, at present, China's clothing, food, medical, electrical appliances, light industry and other industries can be seen everywhere the figure of hollow board, but although the use of this board is relatively extensive, we also need to comply with the two requirements in the selection:1, the first point is to choose those good quality, fine workmanship, the price is appropriate plank, because if some enterprises are bought on a large scale, the final price is also very surprising.2. The second point needs to be paid attention to is the after-sales service of the products. If we find that the plastic hollow plate is not qualified or does not meet our requirements, we can also apply for after-sales service.

What the recently pp corrugated sheet price

Recently pp raw material price increased a lot.Our raw material was also pp.To protect our customer's profit. we will finish all old order in previous price.For all new customer. there have a 10% increase caused by the raw material price change.Thanks for understanding

How to ensure delivery the pp corflute sheet and boxes on time

We can make timely delivery from the following points1.The entire production process is shared with customers2.Online transactions can be realized through well-known platforms3.Accept inspection services purchased by customers in other ways

Whats the usual printing of plastic hollow sign?

Different pp sign printing 's difference Printing name using area suitable picture Price UV printing indoor/outdoor All kind High silk screen indoor/outdoor simple picture Economic ink print indoor simple picture Cheap

Could you please help to design the collapsible pp box?

OEM Customized pp plastic folding box Box thickness Box color Printing way Gsm 3mm all color available uv printing.silk screen.ink print 600-800 4mm all color available uv printing.silk screen.ink print 700-900 5mm all color available uv printing.silk screen.ink print 800-1500

Qingdao Hengsheng Plastic FAQ why there have different thickness of fluted sheet

Different thickness of pp fluted sheet have different using function:1.      1.5-2mm fluted sheet:thickness less than 2mm normally used for foldable box making and making fulted divider sheet.2.      2.5-3.5MM fluted sheet:Usually some floor protection sheet was in this thickness area. 3.   4-5MM  4mm corflute sheet and 5mm corflute sheet was most popular in every using area. multi function and good use4.6mm and more:it was strong and can used for pallet making.

What is the different between plastic fluted box with carton box

Hollow board box and carton are a kind of packing box, hollow board box is used as the spare parts turnover box in the enterprise before, but with the large increase in the price of carton, many consumer life customers from the original carton to hollow board box, why?There are four defects in paper boxes:1. The goods are easy to be damaged in transit. Cartons are not wear-resistant, and they will be broken only after several USES. If they are not replaced in time, the articles are easily damaged or even knocked down and lost. 2, the article and the carton after friction will produce dust. It is characterized by some soft drink bottles or heavy goods, in the turnover of friction when easy to produce paper scraps, fine paper scraps will produce pollution to goods, quality problems. 3, not waterproof, easy to mildew. In humid climate or rain weather, light packaging is loose, collapse affects performance and quality, heavy items will be affected by damp mildew and moth.4. Not easy to clean. If the carton is soiled or water stained, it cannot be cleaned and the carton cannot be reused.The four features of hollow board box compensate the four defects of the carton:1. During delivery, no paper particles will occur when the hollow board box touches or rubs the goods, which ensures the quality of goods and smooth delivery.2. Hollow corrugated box is waterproof and moisture-proof, with excellent physical and chemical properties, temperature resistance and aging resistance.3, hollow board box can be cleaned, the appearance of smooth, after repeated use still neat appearance, packaging cost greatly reduced.4. Hollow board box can be repeatedly recycled, defective products can be maintained and used, waste products can be recycled, articles in the process of turnover, transportation, storage, safe and convenient, long service life.

Whats the printing way we do witth pp hollow sheet printing?

Whats the available printing way for coflute sheet printing Printing way Thickness Gsm MOQ silk screen 2-6mm 300-1000g/m2 100 pcs UV printing 2-6mm 300-1000g/m2 100 pcs ink printing 2-6mm 300-1000g/m2 1000 pcs

Whats the available corflute tree guards style available from us

Whats the available corflute tree guards style ? Product name Thickness Gsm Color  Ultrasonic welding triangle plant protection 2mm 350g/m2 All color available cylindrical tree guard  1.9mm 320g/m2 All color available Long triangle plant protection 2mm 350g/m2 All color available