What is the different between plastic fluted box with carton box

What is the different between plastic fluted box with carton box

What is the different between plastic fluted box with carton box
Hollow board box and carton are a kind of packing box, hollow board box is used as the spare parts turnover box in the enterprise before, but with the large increase in the price of carton, many consumer life customers from the original carton to hollow board box, why?

There are four defects in paper boxes:

1. The goods are easy to be damaged in transit. Cartons are not wear-resistant, and they will be broken only after several USES. If they are not replaced in time, the articles are easily damaged or even knocked down and lost. 2, the article and the carton after friction will produce dust. It is characterized by some soft drink bottles or heavy goods, in the turnover of friction when easy to produce paper scraps, fine paper scraps will produce pollution to goods, quality problems. 3, not waterproof, easy to mildew. In humid climate or rain weather, light packaging is loose, collapse affects performance and quality, heavy items will be affected by damp mildew and moth.

4. Not easy to clean. If the carton is soiled or water stained, it cannot be cleaned and the carton cannot be reused.

The four features of hollow board box compensate the four defects of the carton:

1. During delivery, no paper particles will occur when the hollow board box touches or rubs the goods, which ensures the quality of goods and smooth delivery.

2. Hollow corrugated box is waterproof and moisture-proof, with excellent physical and chemical properties, temperature resistance and aging resistance.

3, hollow board box can be cleaned, the appearance of smooth, after repeated use still neat appearance, packaging cost greatly reduced.

4. Hollow board box can be repeatedly recycled, defective products can be maintained and used, waste products can be recycled, articles in the process of turnover, transportation, storage, safe and convenient, long service life.